Small Meetings

Venues in Savannah GA

a room with a table and chairs

The Features

  • Chandeliers Handmade as an Homage to Natural Sciences
  • Ornate Carpeting with Custom Art Inspired by Savannah
  • Riverfront Pre-Function Area with an Outdoor Balcony
  • Picturesque Fountains Directly Facing the Ballroom
  • 14 Unique Dining Outlets
  • State-Of-The-Art Lighting

Private Venues

a table with chairs and a wall of pictures on it

Savannah Tequila Co.

2,250 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 18 guests

Gather at the Savannah Tequila Co. for an exceptional evening event with a full-service tequila bar and flavorful Mexican plates.

a patio with a table and chairs

Myrtle & Rose

4.662 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 150 guests

Inspired by the mythological muse, Myrtle & Rose is named after flowers worn in the crowns of these ethereal beings. Both myrtle flowers and roses grew to become symbols of femininity, love, and romance. In that spirit, Myrtle & Rose is a gorgeous rooftop bar with botanical decorations and riverside views.

a room with a table and chairs

Stone & Webster

782 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 40 guests

Elevate your next meeting at Stone & Webster Chophouse. Named after Charles Stone and Edwin Webster, who established one of the first electrical engineering consulting firms in the country and originally engineered the Power Plant Building, this space is perfect for business dinners and more.

a room with a piano and a rug

River Landing

4,227 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 250 guests

With undulating design elements inspired by the rolling waves and undulating movements on the river, River Landing’s glass doors open up to an outdoor terrace, bringing the riverfront into your event.

a group of tables and chairs outside

Moon Deck

3,150 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 210 guests

Add a creative twist to your gathering on this playful outdoor deck space, which includes engaging lawn games and vibrant pops of color throughout.

a room with a large screen and chairs

Salzburg Ballroom 1, 2, 3

2,082 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 200 guests

Our Salzburg Ballroom can be partitioned into three separate sections. Here, you'll find 12 custom crystal chandeliers that model the urban grid of historic Savannah, along with navy velvet draperies representing the sails of Salzburg ships that arrived in Savannah during the 1730s.

a large dining room table with chairs

Amethyst Ballroom 1, 2

1,386 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 150 guests

From the chandeliers to the purple amethyst detailing, the Amethyst Ballroom is an impressive venue for all events. The carpet in this ballroom was hand-drawn to incorporate shapes of dinosaur bones on display in our Generator Hall and the arches were designed as a nod to the power plant's original windows.

a room with a bar and chairs

Citrine Room 1, 2

723 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 75 guests

From company celebrations to guest speaker events, the Citrine Meeting Room is a refined indoor space for smaller gatherings of up to 75 guests.

a room with tables and chairs

District Live

3,092 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 300 guests

Located within the Atlantic Building, this live music venue sits next to the iconic Savannah Riverfront in the heart of Plant Riverside District, offering a one-of-a-kind event setting nearby.

a large room with tables and chairs

Beethoven's Terrace

1,950 sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 144 guests

This one-of-a-kind venue is perfect for intimate meetings or events, featuring elegant design details as an homage to music.

a statue of a person on a table by a body of water

Salzburg Terrace

4,651sq. ft.
Accommodates up to 150  guests

With extraordinary views of the picturesque Savannah River, the Salzburg Terrace offers a beautiful backdrop for memorable outdoor events. A towering statue in the center of the space provides an artful touch within an inspiring riverside setting.

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